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Domaine Ciringa
Stajerska Slovenija
Tel +43 (0) 3453 4101
Fax +43 (0) 3453 4101-30

In the last years Tement winery planted Sauvignon Blanc vines on the Slovenian territory Ciringa, right next to their best single-vineyard Zieregg in Austria. The combination of the microclimate and the rich shell limestone with cambisol soil provides ideal conditions for accentuated, long-living, authentic and mineralic Sauvignon Blanc.

As distinctive sign of origin the name of this Slovenian winery is „DOMAINE CIRINGA“, the wine is called „Fosilni Breg“ (which means fossils mountain) and has been available since 2009 on the market.

The label on the Burgundy bottle shows a sea star fossil (found in the single vineyard Ciringa) and should demonstrate the origin and the balance of this mineralic and straightforward Sauvignon Blanc.